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May 5th - June 12nd 2015

Kalevala pictures by children

"Kalevala Connects" project was carried out in Finland and in Finno-Ugric ethnic territories of Russia. Schoolchildren, the participants of the project, familiarized themselves with the Kalevala, and made Kalevala pictures under their teachersí guidance.

The project was coordinated by Municipal Educational Administration of Turku, which began the creation of network both in Finland and Russia in order to realize the project. Juminkeko Foundation participated in the project by providing theme knowledge. In 2014 the works made by children were presented in different places in Russia. In Finland the exhibition can be viewed in Juminkeko, Kuhmo at first and than later it will be available to visitors in Turku.

Children from Finland and from Finno-Ugric ethnic territories of Russia

Juminkeko Foundation

Organizations, which supported the exhibition: Municipal Educational Administration of Turku, Finnish National Board of Education, schools both in Finland and in Russia