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April 9th - June 1st 2018

Photographs and ceramics

This spring Juminkeko presents an exhibition by Tornio-based artist Sari Raikaslehto. Two leaps into Karelia features her photographs and ceramic works.

Sari Raikaslehto took a lot of pictures of Viena Karelia while travelling there in 2003. The idea of making a photographic exhibition matured slowly and she did not hurry to implement it. After finishing her studies in ceramics, she began to clearly see the concept of the exhibition. Pictures were supplemented by ceramics and installations.As an artist Sari Raikaslehto has a unique perspective on photographic art. Her trip to Viena Karelia was like a travel back in time and she wants to share that experience with the audience. Her ceramic works, in turn, allow us to leap back in Karelia through a new form of expression.

Sari Raikaslehto

Juminkeko Foundation