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Kalevala by artists in Russia
January 4th - February 28th 2015

New Kalevala interpretations from Russia

The exhibition presents works of seven artists, three of them from Petrozavodsk, three from St Petersburg and one from Moscow. The artists have approached the epic by paintings, video works and textile works.

The exhibition was created by a collaboration project of the Kalevala Society and the Finnish Institute in St Petersburg. The artists had possibility to express their vision on some Kalevala myth, story, feature or theme. "Kalevala by artists in Russia" continues the project "Kalevala of artists" realized in 2009, where ten Finnish visual artists and composers made works on the basis of Kalevala runes. After that the Kalevala Society by itself and in collaboration with partners has been carrying out the same project. With Juminkeko Foundation was realized in 2012 a project dealing with the relationship of Vietnamese artists with Kalevala myths.

Igor Baranov, Natalia Egorova, Antonina Yufa, Aleksandr Novoselov, Sergei Terentyev, Tatyana Tshursinova and Irina Zatulovskaya

Juminkeko Foundation in cooperation with Kalevala Society