Kuhmo, 12 April 1835
Dear Friend.

I left Kajaani a full week ago with the intention of getting to Russia before the roads began thawing. But they are softening up faster than I thought, and I have not progressed any further than the vicarage here. And I cannot say it is because I have been slow, because I have spent many days here taking care of a sick person and waited in vain for that fresh vaccine which the priest in Repola in Russian Karelia has asked me both in person and in writing to bring. And, as a matter of fact, I haven't been particularly bored here. Early in the week I travelled with the priests going out to give the catechism tests in villages along the Russian border, and I happened to get a few poems from some Russian men who had come over for the occasion. During the latter part of the week, I have been playing cards quite a bit in the vicarage with three priests, the Sheriff of Sotkamo, the District Registrar and others.

- What do you think of the name "Kalevala"? I might give it a different name if you prefer... I will have to finish my letter now. Please give my best to others there and write to me. I will respond when I come back from Russia. Your friend,


Elias Lönnrot