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Juminkeko offers plenty of information and experiences for the ones who want to discover the Kalevalian world and promotes the knowledge of the Kalevala and the Karelian culture worldwide.

Kalevala for all

Juminkeko organises public reading and lectures, music and literary events, seminars and runosinging happenings. You can discover the Kalevalian world and learn more about the Karelia of the White Sea.

We speak FI, EN, FR, IT, RUS and DE.

Juminkeko is home of one of the largest Kalevala collection in the world that includes rare editions and several translations. You can listen to Kalevala samples in various languages and see the illustrations of the different editions.

We have plenty of books, Cds, jewels and souvenirs. Check out our online shop.

Short movies

Withing the beautiful wooden walls of Juminkeko's auditorium you can watch short movies about the Kalevala and the fascinating Karelian culture.

Programmes available in several languages (SE, IT, DE FR, ES, POR, RUS, CN, JP and AR).

Lenght: 10-30 min.



Kalevala stories - 25 min. - the contents of the Kalevala in short. In Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic.


Birth of the Kalevala - 15 min. - the significant role the Karelia of the White Sea played in the birth of the Kalevala. In Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, German, Italian, French.

Karelianism and Kuhmo - 17 min. - Kuhmo as the cradle of Karelianism. In Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, German, French, Italian.


Stories about Kajaani - 19. min. - life and work of Elias Lönnrot. In Finnish, English, Russian, Italian.


White Karelian runosinging tradition - 16 min. - the runosinging tradition of the Karelia of the White Sea compared to the other traditional songs. In Finnish, Italian.

White Karelian villages in Finland - 19 min. - overview of the history of those Finnish villages belonging to the cultural sphere of the Karelia of the White Sea. In Finnish, English, Russian and Italian.

Haikola - 13 min. - the cultural history of Haikola, the birthplace of the Karelian national writer Otrjo Stepanov. In Finnish, English, Russian, Italian.


For children:

Beautiful Nasto, a Karelian fairy tale - 13 min. - in Finnish, Russian.


The Black Duck, fairy tale opera - 27 min. - in Finnish.


The White Dog, fairy tale opera - 20 min. - in Finnish.


The Poor Brother and the Rich Brother, fairy tale opera - 40 min. - in Finnish.

Tyttö kokeilemassa kannelta
Tyttö piirtämässä

For young adults:

The birth of the Kalevala - 10 min - in Finnish, English, Russian.

Kyykkä game

Come and play kyykkä with us!

We will show you how to play this ancient Karelian game. We just need 2 teams with 4-5 people each. Mixed-age groups possible (age 8+). The game lasts 40 min.- 1,5 h. No previous experience needed.

If you want to play kyykkä, please contact, call 044 753 0670, 040 7419191 or mention it in the form when booking your visit.

Pelaamassa kyykkää
Mies matkalaukkujen kanssa

Karelia of the White Sea and cultural tourism

We can help you planning your trip to the Karelia of the White Sea. For more information, visit the website Ontrei Malinen Kantele (the cultural route created by Juminkeko).

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