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Juminkeko's archive includes photos, audios and manuscripts from Finland, the Republic of Karelia and other countries.


Juminkeko hosts an extensive folkloristic archive.

The archive consists of photos and audios collected especially in the Karelia of the White Sea but also in Olonets Karelia, Ingria and among the Veps.

The archive is open to the public and the researchers. The material is available in digital format. To use the material you need Juminkeko's permission.

Archive of Juminkeko

Juminkeko archive is located in the archive building that includes a photo archive, an audio archive, Matti Kuusi's scientific collection and a room for researchers.

The building is also the headquarter of Kuhmo UNESCO City of Literature-office.


Photo archive

The photo archive comprises a total of about 100 thousand photos and mainly consists of material collected since the early 1980s, though includes also some older records.

The photo archive follows the vicissitudes of the White Karelian villages over the last decades, including the revitalization process.

These kind of pictures are unique and cannot be found elsewhere.

Audio archive

The audio archive consists of folkloric material collected since the early 1980s especially in the Karelia of the White Sea, but also in Olonets Karelia, Ingria and among the Veps.

Juminkeko has been systematically collecting tales, runosongs and other traditional music since the 1980s.

The audio archive comprises a total of about 4,000 hours of recordings.

No other archive has so much audio material from the Karelian of the White Sea and Kainuu.

Matti Kuusi sculpture

Matti Kuusi's literary archive

Matti Kuusi bequeathed his scientific collection to Juminkeko for research use.

The material is not available yet.

Eino Karhu's literary archive

Eino Karhu (Hietämäki, 1923-Petroskoi, 2008) donated to Juminkeko its collection regarding the relationship between Finland and Russia.

The material covers a time spanning from the early 19th century to the 1960s. The archive has been digitalised at Juminkeo and it is available for research use.

With the permission of the donor, the digitalised version has also been accorded to the Karelian Science Center and the Finnish Literary Society.

Eino Karhu

Juminkeko literary archive, yet has to be arranged, contains precious texts donated to Juminkeo by Karelian writers as well as their correspondence.

The newer material in Juminkeko's archive contains protected personal data registers. We process personal data for statutory, non-profit archiving purposes. For more information on the processing of personal data in Juminkeko's archive, please contact the our staff (see contact information).

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