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QUELEVALA: Time of miracles

  • When
    04.01.2023 – 28.02.2030
  • Artist
    Hannes Aleksi and Antía Sánchez

In the yard of Juminkeko is presented massive wooden and ceramic sculptural ensemble by the international artist duo Antía Sanchez and Hannes Aleksi – “Time of miracles”. The giant octagonal art piece consists of walls built of large planks with images inspired by ancient world myths. The wooden walls were carved and burned. The installation has thirteen large murals and one ceramic mural. And as the result we get powerful visual experience where cave paintings and the Kalevala epic are combined with modern expression.

“Time of miracles” draws inspiration from the myths of how the world was created in the Kalevala epic as well as according modern scientific theories. The work challenges the viewer to stop and marvel at the fragility of life.

“The miracle of life does not cease to preoccupy humanity. It is good for a person to stop to wonder every now and then, Bewonderment can lead to respect and respect in turn to the protection of life, which is today perhaps more relevant than ever.”

The starting point for the artists was the idea of the archaic past, when people didn’t know the concept of “nature” because there was nothing outside of it. They state that the Quelevala Art Project is an artistic exploration of the worldview and explanation of our ancestors.
“In order to survive, humanity must return to its spiritual roots, to the core of humanity and wonder,” the artists say. – Perhaps there is the strength and sensitivity to solve the problems we face”.

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