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Akonlahden maisema

After the business trip, on the 11th of October, Lönnrot wrote to his friend Doctor Rabbe:

Dear Brother,

I have now successfully completed a four-week inspection trip with Ståhlberg that took us to Hyrynsalmi, Kianta, part of the district of Archangel, and so forth, and now I plan to go to Helsinki. But my journey will take me through Karelia, where I will be spending at least a month in order to get important additions to the collection of Finnish lyrical poems. 

Since the trip itself will take a fair amount of time, I doubt that I will reach my final destination before the end of November. The poor folks in Kajaani do not think they will find anyone to replace me. Please, dear brother, see to it that their fears are allayed as soon as possible. There have not been any epidemics in our area this autumn, but I know several individual patients whose condition is not serious, but who have complained vociferously of various ailments.

Ståhlberg sends his regards. His health has improved by the day and soon he will be able to compete with anyone in that respect.

Your faithful friend Elias Lönnrot

Sotkamon hautasaari

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