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  • When
    01.07.2021 – 31.08.2021
  • Artist
    Riikka Palonen

Riikka Palonen's exhibition is a journey into the kalevalian forest: its silence and its beauty emerge from her tapestries and paintings made from natural materials and objects.

The mythology of the Kalevala lives through Riikka Palonen’s paintings and tapestries. The artist uses different techniques and natural materials such as wool, vegetal colours and pigments, charcoal, bones and horns.

1.7.21-31.8.21 at Juminkeko.

Riikka Palonen re-elaborates skillfully her past, the story of her homeregion and the handycraft. She gets her strenth and inspiration from the forest, the water, the starring sky, the misty morning and the smell of nature. Recently she found a vivid source of inspiration in the Kalevala and in the folk tales.

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