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The River of Tuoni

  • When
    19.03.2021 – 30.06.2021
  • Artist
    Urho Kähkönen

Urho Kähkönen’s The River of Tuoni is a large installation that weaves together images, sounds and lights and includes also paintings, sculptures and videos. The deep spirituality of the river of Tuoni is explored from the perspective of both the ancient Finnish believes and the contemporary perceptions. In the exhibition an invisible network of generations and traditions intertwines. The objects and the natural materials used in the artwork were collected by the artist in his home village: dandelion and willow seedlings, dead wasps found in the attic, lake reeds, a wooden geerwheel of a mill and the pedestal of a yarn swift made by his mother. The artist’s home village, Kuusamonjärvi, is also connected to the Kalevala epos since in 1831 Elias Lönnrot arrived at its shores on his way to the Karelia of the White Sea.

19.3.2021-30.6.2021 at Juminkeko.

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