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KARELORE: Spirits of Fire

  • When
    10.06.2022 – 30.09.2022
  • Artist
    Katrin Lebedev and working group

Spirits of Fire

The exhibition is an animation installation based on Kalevala and others finno-ugric myths. It brings visual and craft artists from different countries in the spirit of local and universal ideas and values. It deals with the relation between a grandchild and his grandmother and their worldviews.

“Living in a world that is not moved by myth, it has become difficult to understand the old ways of seeing things.
It can seem like a star is just a glowing rock, a river is just a flow of particles, the forest is just a pile of branches.
And, most importantly, that there are no forces larger than oneself and one’s choices.
But every so often, the light shifts, and the old world reveals itself  meaningful, symbolic and dangerous”,

says the artist Katya Lebedev.

Catherine Soreau, Tero Porthan, Lola Carracedo, Olga Bondareva, Sanna Hukkanen, Amandine Ducloux, JC Rozec, Antti Palosaari, Steeve Manangou, Alyona Vorotnikova, Guillaume Verdier, Elodie Legros, Masha Mitkova, Julien Silvestre, Maks Trofimov, Fabienne, Jean-Christophe CRAPS, Katya Lebedev, Nina Pommelin, Alexander Debavelaere, Aaron Colman-Hayes, Andrei Kokarev, Sasha Luki, Diana Sineokaya, Eeva Kouvalainen.

Welcome to the exhibition opening 10.6.2022 18:00.

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