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Vepsian evening

  • When
    30.09.2022 – 30.09.2022

The Vepsian people belong to the Balto-Finnic nations and are related Finnish nation. Vepsian people live mostly in the area between Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga in the Republic of Karelia and in the Leningrad and Vologda regions. The Vepsian language is the most archaic form of language within all Finnic languages and is called Proto-Finnic language.

Juminkeko has organized a year of Vepsian culture every ten years, in honor of which we are now holding a Vepsian evening in Juminkeko. In The Vepsian evening, we will hear a lecture by linguist, translator and poet Nina Zaiceva and songs from Vepsian. There will be tea service as well.

Vepsian evening starts at 18:00 30.09.2022 in Juminkeko.
Entrance is free.
Warmly welcome!

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