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Lapukan maisema

From Kianta (Suomussalmi) Lönnrot diverted to Lapukka. On the 25th of August he wrote some letters from Finland and on the 30th August he had already returned to Kianta from Lapukka (Russia).

We do not know, did he collect runosongs on that occasion, but the entire autumnal business trip was quite productive. Lönnrot wrote down a hundred new proverbs and riddles.

Lönnrot tells about this trip to his friend Keckman in the letter dated 18.9.1835.

Dear Brother!

I have just returned from a 6-week journey that took me far away to Kianta, Puolanka, Hyrynsalmi and Russia. I travelled 60 versts. I'd like to thank you for the 3 letters you sent me during this time. I checked those words you wanted me to explain in the Kalevala and I felt the need to write to you immediately. Send me more as promised and I'll try to clarify what I know. On my last expedition I collected a hundred new proverbs and riddles. I'll add them at the end of the letter that will be sent to you or to your brother in Oulu. I grouped the riddles in a much more ordered way than Ganander; I collected over 150 new, a good amount, without counting the ones collected previously. Greet everyone for me. It would be great if you could send me the songs of the Kalevala to be checked before the printing.

Your brother and friend

Elias Lönnrot

Lapukan maisema

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